Healing Retreat Peru

The Amazon Rainforest and the Holy Mountains

Welcome to join us in a spiritually transformational Healing retreat Peru. You will embark upon an education based on firsthand experience of the nature medicine and shamanism. First our journey will take you to the Amazon jungle to experience Mother Earth’s - Gaia’s grounding essence, the exotic jungle, plants and animals. We will stay at a wonderful ECO Lodge surrounded by the jungles fantastic living rhythm and symphony.

In the tropical environment of the jungle you will meet an exceptional shaman that through ancient healing ceremonies will take you on an unforgettable journey into yourself. 

The shaman will share nature medicine and its healing powers. You will receive profound healing in the rainforest and travel into new dimensions where transformation and spiritual purification can take place at its deepest level. You will receive amazing help in your own spiritual development and will forever keep the gifts from the Amazon rainforest in your heart.

After five days of purging in and by the jungle our journey continues to the Inca capital Cusco and the Sacred Valley. We acclimate to the high altitude and meet the Q’ero shamans that will make the pilgrimage with us around the lake of Titicaca. We experience sacred energetically powerful sites such as Machu Picchu and Moray to feel its magnificence and we visit small picturesque villages such as Pisac with its nice markets and shaman shops.

Our healing journey continues to lake Titicaca and the flooting islands of the Inca´s. You will experience powerful ceremonies according to ancient shamanic traditions.

You will be initiated in the Karpay Rites from the Incas to wake up more of the inherent power and light within you. In the mountains, you will feel the close contact with the higher spiritual dimension and experience oneness with the mountains, the condor and all that is. You will unify with Mother Earth’s heart trough the magnificence of nature and the holy sites you will experience.

The golden portal to the higher worlds open and together we cocreate the new earth, were we assist Mother Earth and our fellow humans in the ascension to the higher fifth dimension, were the Golden Age can manifest in its perfection.

A warm welcome to a healing journey into your heart!

Healing Retreat Peru - Current dates

Healing Retreat Peru: Next journey will hopefully be in spring 2024!

All guides speak english!

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Warm Welcome!

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