Shamanic Education - Shamanic Healing

The Way of the Illuminated Shaman


A warmly welcome to our shamanic education "The Way of the Illuminated Shaman", a series of shamanic healing courses where you will enter into the world of the shaman to find your own path of truth. Our deepest wish is to guide you back into the truth and wisdom of your own heart and to awaken the ancient knowledge that is already living within you.

All our shamanic courses are offering you direct experience and deep transformation. You will make powerful soul journeys to reconnect with Mother Earth and Father Sky while the beautiful spirits of nature will help you reach even deeper within. In a beautiful oasis of healing you will merge with the energy world, to allow you to experience total unity with all that is. You journey through the time portals, gather knowledge from the four directions and the higher planes of consciousness.

You reconnect with ancient energy techniques for balance and healing. You enter into the work of mastery, to lovingly live the wisdom that is you and in softness and humility share the knowledge with others.

This shamanic education consists of five different shamanic courses that is recommended to follow in sequence. There is a red line of expansion from; Awakening the Shaman (Step 1), Shamanic Healing (Step 2), Advanced Shamanic Healing (Step 3), The way of the Shaman (Step 4) and The Illuminated Shaman (Step 5).

Depending of your experience from healing and shamanism the courses can be taken independently. The course Shamanic Ceremony – Sweat Lodge & Vision Quest is offered separately.

Shamanic Education - Shamanic Healing

Awakening the shaman - Basic Course (Step 1)

A powerful Shamanic course that guide you onto the ancient path of healing, knowledge and wisdom. Open your heart. Awaken your inner power. Heal your history. Meet the power animals, spirits of nature, all realms. Transformational drum journeys, soul journeys… Follow this link for more details and to register

Shamanic Healing (Step 2)

The journey along the ancient path of healing and knowledge continues. Your knowledge and skills in healing is deepened. Powerful healing techniques, Soul retrievals, Healing sessions, Fire ceremonies, Drum Journeys… Follow this link for more details and to register

Advanced Shamanic Healing (Step 3)

You are walking the path of the shaman and wish to deepen your knowledge in shamanic healing and strengthening your healing channel even further. You will practice more advanced healing techniques such as Spiritual Surgery, Trance Healing, Sound Healing, Distance Healing. Ceremonies, Despachos, Healing singing… Follow this link for more details and to register

The Way of the Shaman (Step 4)

A powerful weekend that deepens the insights about your true self and your unique role in an ascending world. Take part in shamanism and transformational energy methods, different ancient traditions. Experience life, death and rebirth. Fire ceremony, drum journeys, healing sessions… Follow this link for more details and to register

The Illuminated Shaman (Step 5)

You awaken the consciousness of your illuminated heart and gain access to high vibratory energy methods. Alignment and permanent energy shift to live your life through the pure energy of your own heart. Take part in sacred geometry, Activation of empowering energy bodies and light fields, Dream ceremonies… Follow this link for more details and to register

Shamanic Ceremony - Sweat Lodge and Vision Quest

Journey into the total presence of Mother Earth, deepen your contact with nature and the elements trough the traditional Sweat Lodge Ceremony. Experience deep purification and healing and allow yourself to be filled with clarity and insights. You are then lead into Vision Quest… Follow this link for more details and to register