Advanced Shamanic Healing Course

The course Advanced Shamanic Healing is step 3 in our shamanic education. You walk the path of the shaman and wish to deepen your knowledge in shamanic healing and make your healing channel stronger. You will more actively combine and practice advanced healing techniques such as spiritual healing, trance healing, sound healing and distance healing.

We go deeper into the art of dreaming and from a point of endless love we simply know that healing has taken place.

The manifestations of your dreams and visions are reinforced by powerful ceremonies through the shamanic drum, chanting, dance, fire and despachos.

During the course weekend your creative manifestation powers are activated further and you will take part in strong energy programming.

Advanced Shamanic Healing – course content

  • Advanced Healing – advanced healing techniques
  • Spiritual Surgery, Trance healing
  • Shamanic Tone Healing and Chanting
  • Distance Healing – people, animals, places, helping the world where it is needed
  • Healing Sessions – Treatments in couples and groups
  • Healing herbs
  • The Art of Dreaming
  • Ceremonies - Despachos
  • Energy Programming 
  • Fire Ceremony
  • Exercises to gain firsthand experience – practical exercises individually and in group 
  • Outdoor meditations    

We wish you a warmly welcome to this Advanced Shamanic Healing Course and we look forward to see you!

Shamanic Healing Course – Course dates

  • Advanced Shamanic Healing (step 3): New date will come later! 
  • Investment: 4100 SEK, three days. Including fruit, snacks and drinks (excluding lodging and meals)
  • Required previous knowledge from "Awakening the Shaman" or "Shamanic Healing" (or similar course)

Follow this link for more practical information about the course site, lodging and description how to get here