Shamanic Healing Course

A powerful Shamanic Healing Course, if you wish to walk the ancient path of healing, knowledge and wisdom. Valuable techniques in the art of healing will help you and others to transform the personality, your thoughts and emotions. Increase your ability to see, feel and hear the subtle world. Experience yourself in the spirit of the shaman and gain access to the heart, power and wisdom of Mother Earth. Journey through the portals of time to bring back home knowledge and wisdom from the higher realms of light.

Unite with the vibrating world of nature, a world of harmony and balance, experience being one with the energy world around you.

We live in the golden age and ascend together with our beautiful planet, Mother Earth, into higher levels of consciousness. Our ancient energy system is restructuring itself and is reactivated. When we are in tune with our divine nature, we are radiated by all coexisting worlds and we experience our true magnificence.

During the course, you will participate in deeply transformational healing sessions, drum- and soul journeys, mindfulness, Healing ceremonies, methods for light purification and energy balancing and much more.

This Shamanic Healing Course is the second step in the one-year Healing Education “The Way of the Lightworker”. This course can be taken separately or you can decide to join the one-year course. 

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We wish you a warmly welcome to this Shamanic Healing Course and we look forward to see you!

Shamanic Healing Course – Course dates

  • Shamanic Healing Course (step 2): New date will come later!  
  • Investment: 4100 SEK, three days. Including fruit, snacks and drinks, energy reinforcements, healing sessions and course documents.          
  • No previous knowledge about healing or shamanism required.

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