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Multidimensional healing och self-mastery

Warmly welcome to Avalon Healingcenter on the beautiful island Orust, on the west coast of Sweden. On your search for personal and spiritual development and expansion, we meet you with an open heart to inspire you to walk the path of true self-mastery. 

We offer transformational courses, education, teachings, treatments, coaching, shamanic drum journeys, ceremonies and healing journeys abroad, to help you find your true inner strength and wisdom. You will anchor more in the now and easier walk the way of beauty, light and love.

Avalon Healingcenter - Our vision

Avalon Healingcenter is a spiritual place for people attracted to the knowledge we mediate and teach. Our wish is to offer you a space to breath the breath of presence and the opportunity to find peace and inner stillness. Multidimensional healing and true self-mastery only confirm the truth of every human being’s original perfection.

When we see through the illusions we realize that we never left home - that we already are all we ever wished to become.

Come walk with us!

We speak english! Treatments and coaching are made in English on request. Our educations, courses and retreats are held in Swedish with english interpretation.

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